Celebrity Laser & Skin Care is a high quality and professional laser & skin care beauty clinic located in North Vancouver. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have an amazing team of technicians and doctors that are truly passionate about what they do. We offer a vast variety of beauty services tailored to your every need. We listen to our clients and their needs and assess the best plan of action for them. We are excited to host you in our new location, come visit us and say hi!

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We offer online bookings to help you stay on track with your appointments. Prefer to call? Please do not hesitate to call us, it will be our pleasure to assist you with your booking over the phone.


We offer competitive pricing with outstanding service. We offer a vast variety of different beauty services to suit your needs. We have a talented and passionate team that is ready to help you!


At Celebrity Laser & Skin Care we value our customers time. This is why we offer flexible appointment hours for early mornings, late nights and yes you can even book appointments on weekends!


Celebrity Laser & Skin Care is located in the heart of West Vancouver with easy access from North Shore and downtown Vancouver. Our new location looks amazing! come and visit us!




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