√ Firming and Tightening

√ Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines

√ Non-Invasive, Safe and Effective

√ Gradual Improvement

Lift and Tighten Without Surgery

Treatment Overview :

  • Treatment Type : Infrared light
  • Duration : 30-60 Min 
  • Recommended Sessions : 3
  • Treatment interval : 4 weeks
  • Recovery Time : No downtime

Titan utilizes a safe, infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. This heating can cause immediate collagen contraction resulting in tighter skin. After the procedure, new collagen formation results in further tightening with the improvement of lax skin, folds and lines.

Titan skin tightening is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that utilizes infrared light technology to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. It is designed to improve skin laxity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

During the Titan treatment, a handheld device delivers infrared light energy to the targeted areas of the skin. Infrared light is a type of light energy that is not visible to the human eye but can penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin.

The infrared light energy is absorbed by the water content in the dermal layer of the skin. This results in gentle heating of the tissue, which causes collagen fibers to contract and tighten.

The controlled heating of the dermal layer triggers a natural wound-healing response in the body. As a part of this response, the body starts to produce new collagen, a protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

Over time, the newly formed collagen fibers remodel and strengthen, leading to gradual skin tightening and improved skin texture. The skin becomes smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking.

Titan skin tightening can be used to treat various areas of the body where skin laxity and aging concerns are present. The most common treatable areas by Titan skin tightening include:

  1. Face:
    • Forehead and eyebrows
    • Cheeks and mid-face
    • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
    • Jawline and jowls
    • Under-eye area (to improve skin texture and reduce puffiness)
  2. Neck:
    • Necklines and horizontal neck creases (sometimes referred to as “necklace lines”)
    • Loose skin under the chin (“double chin” or submental area)
  3. Abdomen:
    • To target mild to moderate skin laxity and improve contour
    • Especially useful for post-pregnancy abdominal skin tightening
  4. Arms:
    • To address loose skin and improve overall arm tone
  5. Thighs and Knees:
    • To tighten skin and improve texture in these areas

Titan skin tightening is primarily used to address mild to moderate skin laxity and improve overall skin texture. Some of the common concerns that can be effectively treated by Titan skin tightening include:

  1. Sagging Skin: Titan can help tighten loose or sagging skin on various areas of the body, such as the face, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, and knees.
  2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The collagen-stimulating effect of Titan can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead, around the eyes, and the mouth.
  3. Jowls and Jawline Definition: Titan can be used to improve the definition of the jawline and reduce the appearance of jowls.
  4. Neck Lines and Double Chin: Titan can help tighten the skin on the neck, addressing horizontal necklines and mild to moderate submental skin laxity (commonly known as a “double chin”).
  5. Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Skin Tightening: For women who experience skin laxity after pregnancy, Titan can be used to improve the firmness and tightness of the abdominal area.
  6. Skin Texture and Tone: Titan skin tightening can enhance overall skin texture and tone, making the skin appear smoother, more youthful, and vibrant.

It’s important to note that while Titan can provide noticeable improvements for these concerns, it is most effective for mild to moderate cases. For more severe skin laxity or advanced signs of aging, alternative treatments like surgical procedures (e.g., facelift, body lift) may be more appropriate.

Pre-treatment Instructions:

You will have an initial consultation with a certified forma technician who will assess your skin, discuss your concerns, and evaluate whether TITAN is the right treatment for you. They will explain the procedure, potential benefits, and any possible risks or side effects.

During Titan Skin Tightening Treatment:

  1. Preparation: Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for the treatment. Any makeup or skincare products will need to be removed from the treatment area.
  2. Infrared Energy Delivery: The Titan device, which emits infrared light energy, will be applied to the targeted areas of your skin. The infrared light penetrates the dermal layers, gently heating the tissue to stimulate collagen production.
  3. Comfortable Procedure: The Titan device is designed with a cooling system to keep the skin’s surface at a comfortable temperature during the treatment, minimizing any discomfort.
  4. Session Duration: The duration of a Titan skin tightening session can vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated. On average, a session typically lasts around 30 minutes to an hour.

After Titan Skin Tightening Treatment:

  1. Mild Redness: Some patients may experience mild redness and warmth in the treated areas immediately after the procedure. However, this usually subsides within a few hours.
  2. No Downtime: Titan skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure, and there is usually no downtime. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment.
  3. Gradual Results: The results of Titan skin tightening are not immediate. Over the following weeks and months, as collagen production increases, you will notice gradual improvements in skin firmness and texture.
  4. Multiple Sessions: While some improvement may be seen after a single treatment, a series of 3 Titan sessions is recommended for optimal results. The treatments are usually spaced a few weeks apart.
  5. Sun Protection and Skincare: After the treatment, it’s essential to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and maintain a good skincare routine to support the collagen-building process.


The cost of Titan skin tightening depends on the treatment area and the number of sessions required, with prices starting from $300 per session.


At Celebrity Laser Care, we provide financing options with rates as low as 0% interest, allowing you to commence your treatment immediately and make payments gradually over time.

We recommend a series of FORMA treatments (usually 3 sessions) spaced a weeks apart to achieve the best results. Maintenance treatments may be advised to sustain the outcomes.

Follow-Up Care: Follow any post-treatment instructions , attend any scheduled follow-up appointments, and discuss your progress and any concerns with your provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes called the Non-Surgical Facelift, the Titan Laser Facial uses the Cutera xeo laser as a safe and effective way to produce immediate collagen contraction resulting in tighter, younger-looking skin.

Since the Titan procedure heats tissue under the skin’s surface, clients of any skin type or age can be treated. The treatments are minimally invasive, so there is typically no downtime, though our specialists consult every person to ensure there are no issues with existing skin conditions or sensitive skin.

The Titan works very well to tighten skin on many areas of the face and body. The most common areas treated are the jawline, under the chin, and the abdomen.

With each Titan pulse, you will feel a brief heating sensation but nothing too uncomfortable.

Short-term immediate risks include prolonged redness at the area being treated, although this usually dissipates before you leave the office or within a couple of hours.

A single treatment is able to produce excellent results, though optimal results will be achieved after 2 to 3 sessions. At the time of your consultation, we will advise you on the number and frequency of treatments recommended for optimal skin tightening results.

The time will vary according to whether you treat the full face, just the neck, or both. The approximate treatment time is 60 minutes.

Immediately after the treatment(s), there may be some redness or swelling at the area being treated, which usually dissipates within the hour or by the end of the day but rarely persists for a few days. You are able to apply makeup or sunscreen immediately after the procedure and go back to your daily activities.

Some patients report feeling a heated sensation at the treatment area as if they had gotten a mild sunburn. Cool packs and ice are recommended in this instance, and the sensations should then subside.

The cost of these procedures is based on the area being treated. Prices could range from $500 to $1,275. Contact us to learn more and make an appointment.


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