Are facial cleansing tools necessary and safe?

Beautician doctor in blue gloves is doing facial treatment

Facial cleansing tools are not new. Although they have been on the market for years, they remain a popular skincare tool. People must have a good reason to continue using them in their skincare routine. For example, a face brush is a common and well-known tool. But are they truly necessary, and more importantly, are they safe to use?

What is a facial cleansing tool?

A facial cleansing tool is often a battery-powered, handheld device with a moving bristle head. The continual pressure features make facial cleaning more effective. Facial cleansing brushes, when used in conjunction with an efficient cleanser, clean deep into pores, requiring fewer extractions during your next facial. Keep in mind that these cleansing tools are not comparable to advanced facial treatments such as HydraFacial or Microdermabrasion.

Is it safe to use facial cleansing brushes on all skin types?

A face cleanser brush can help you clean your face more thoroughly. They are not, however, appropriate for everyone.

Normal skin

You can use your facial washing brushes more frequently if you have normal skin. Dermatologists believe that you shouldn’t use it more frequently than every other day. If your skin is particularly thick and not sensitive, your dermatologist may allow daily use. To transition from daily to weekly treatment approaches, use a micro-polishing brush with varied heads.

Female with facial cosmetic mask

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, you can probably use your facial washing brushes daily without incident. Your surplus oil will preserve your skin from drying out, and it will almost certainly become less prone to breakouts once you begin utilizing the facial cleansing brush daily. Someone with oily skin may benefit from a spinning bristle brush.

Dry skin

Dry skin may feel tight if the washing gadget is used excessively. Exfoliating treatments should be limited to once or twice each week. Also, make sure you follow your moisturizing routine religiously. The exfoliation can be drying, but as long as you don’t misuse the instrument or skip your moisturizer, you should be able to enjoy the deep-cleansing benefits.

Woman with facial mask and patches in the bathroom

Combination skin

To avoid drying out already dry areas, limit your brush usage to a couple of times per week if you have combination skin. If you have normal/oily skin, you can probably apply it every other day without issue. Pay close attention to both parts of your skin to ensure that nothing is aggravating you.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you should proceed with caution when switching to facial washing brushes. You should probably use the brush no more than twice each week. Consider it a therapy rather than a regular washing gadget. Avoid switching cleansers immediately after or before using the brush. This will be useful if you have an allergic reaction to the brush or the process.

Facial washing equipment can be an excellent addition to your skincare program. You will experience tremendous results if you use them wisely, pay attention to what your skin is telling you, and keep them clean. If you need any further skincare advice you can find many helpful articles in our blog and many more skin treatments at our skincare center located in Vancouver.