Benefits of Fish Collagen VS. Other Collagen Sources

WithinUs TruMarine Fish Collagen vs. Other Collagen Sources

WithinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is a hydrolyzed marine collagen peptide sourced from the scales of wild, sustainably caught fish from the South Pacific Ocean. This fiber-shaped protein composes around 75% of our skin. When it comes to anti-aging, collagen is a crucial player. Studies show that 5 grams of hydrolyzed marine collagen can have visual anti-aging benefits within 4-8 weeks.

Benefits of ingesting collagen

Our premium collagen supplement is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production within the body. Benefits of ingesting collagen include:

  • Increased skin hydration
  • Hair and nail growth and strengthening
  • Minimized fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lean muscle gain and workout recovery
  • Reduced joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Alleviation of scars and faster healing

Importance of collagen source we take from?

Sounds great right? Does it really matter where we’re sourcing this anti-aging wizardry from? In fact, it does. Clinical studies show that fish scale collagen has a superior bioavailability when compared to all other collagen sources, including animal bone, skin, and fish skin collagen. This is because the peptide molecules are smaller in size and easier to absorb. This allows the collagen to be absorbed quickly into your body, speeding up desired skin and bone health.

It is important to know whether the fish being sourced for collagen is wild or farmed. Farm raised fish are typically exposed to antibiotics and pesticides, not something you want to be mixing into your morning Joe! Wild fish, on the other hand, offers lower mercury content and higher availability of omega 3s.

Features of fish scale and bovine collagen

Fish scale collagen is a Type 1 collagen. This the form of collagen that is most naturally abundant in the human body. Bovine contains both Type 1 and Type 3. Type 3 is found mostly in our intestines and it super important for gut lining heath and repair. Like fish collagen, it is important to know the source of your bovine collagen. Because it comes from cows—from discarded skin, bones and muscles—it is very important to choose grass-fed and pasture raised. Most grass-fed collagen available today is sourced from countries like Argentina that have a long history of grass-fed cattle production. These countries pride themselves on not using growth hormones or excessive antibiotics.

Because fish collagen is predominantly Type 1, it is especially rich in two particular amino acids: proline and glycine. Proline is how the body produces collagen on its own, and glycine is integral to DNA and RNA strand creation in the body.

WithinUs TruMarine Fish Scale Collagen

We’ve mentioned how important antioxidants are for your skin, right? Well it looks like fish collagen is another great source. Hydrolyzed fish collagen is made of bioactive peptides that have antioxidant (and antibacterial) properties. When we take in fish collagen we are boosting the immune system and negating inflammation in the body.

Features of WithinUs TruMarine™ Collagen

TruMarine™ Collagen is made up of highly concentrated amino acids, specifically designed to build up collagen in the body. And because this product is flavourless and odourless, it can be easily added to tea, coffee, juice, shakes, even oatmeal or cereal! Great skin and bone health need a little assistance and WithinUs TruMarine™ Collagen can be that efficient helper. Here is some features of TruMarine™ Collagen:

  • NonGMO Project verified
  • Health Canada Approved
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Kosher
  • Wild caught
  • Sustainably sourced

So, while bovine and fish-sourced collagen are similar in health benefits, there are a few ways to decide which to pick. Bovine is a cheaper option, and could benefit anyone seeking intestinal or joint pain relief specifically. For those concerned most centrally with skin and hair, fish collagen like TruMarine™ will likely see faster and more ideal results.

Of course, just a spoonful of fish scales won’t offset detrimental skin care choices. Any collagen supplements will be most effective when combined with additional, hydrating self-care.