Embarrassing Hairs on Your Nipples?

How to get rid of embarrassing hairs

Listen up, ladies. If nipple hair is something you’ve worried about, don’t stress. Seeing dark, wiry hairs growing around the areolas can be surprising, but you’re not alone. You are part of the one third of women who are also struggling. Yep—roughly 30% of women have hairs on their areola. Because of the natural hair follicles on the areola, the odd (or quite a few) hairs are likely going to sprout here. It is considered ‘normal’ have anywhere from two to 15 hairs growing around your nipple at once.

Why does nipple hair appear?

Does it seem like sometimes the hairs are there, and sometimes not? You aren’t going crazy. This hair is often a result of hormonal fluctuations, such as pregnancy, PMS or menopause. Less significant hormonal changes throughout your 20s and 30s can impact this hair growth as well. While it is not usually indicative of a problem, conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Cushing syndrome (exposure to high levels of cortisol) could be the cause. If it feels like more is going on in your body than annoying hair growth, consider seeing your doctor. It never hurts to check your hormone levels.

You don’t need to remove nipple hairs as they won’t cause any issues. Hair on your nipples is just like any other hair on your body—all part of this weird experience of being a human. But that being said, feeling sexy when you unhook your bra is incredibly important. If you’d prefer the hair simply wasn’t there, you have options.

How to remove nipples hair?s

How to remove nipples hairs?

Tweezing, a way to remove unwanted hairs

If you’re willing to risk it, this is the simplest way to remove unwanted hairs. Keep in mind your areolas can be sensitive and this might be quite painful. To reduce the ‘ouch’ factor, have a shower before plucking. The warm water will help to open the pores, allowing hairs to come out a little easier.

Shaving, a safe option for removing nipple hairs

Cut to you standing in the shower—you’ve just shaved your legs and you’re debating taking the razor to your nips. Shaving the hair in the boob area is a totally safe option but like anywhere else on your body it does have risks of ingrown hairs and infections. Luckily, though, the whole “it will grow back twice as dark and twice as thick” thing is a total rumour.

Trimming unwanted nipples hair with scissors

Using scissors is probably the safest option (just don’t slice your nip!). Use a small pair of scissors and hold the nipple hairs with tweezers or your other hand. Cut the hair close to the skin. This option will require regular upkeep as the hair will continue to grow.

Other treatments include:

  • Chemical depilatories in the form of gels, creams, or lotions.
  • Electrolysis (a permanent hair removal method) done professionally. This involves destroying the hair follicles underneath the skin.
  • Laser removal involves exposing the hair roots to pulsed light or laser therapy.
  • Hormonal treatment or use of oral contraceptives to treat hormonal imbalances causing excessive hair growth

At Celebrity Laser Skin Care, we’re here to provide the treatments necessary for you to feel your best. If you want those hairs to go the way of the dodo, call us to book an appointment. We can discuss the best option for your hair removal process. Or consider leaving the hair there. Your body is amazing, including the uninvited hairs sprouting from your nips. If you want to get rid of your hair, go for it. But it’s just as wonderful to embrace the growth as a natural part of being you.