Laser Hair Removal

Grooming time for men: IPL body hair reduction

Man getting IPL hair removal at a beauty clinic

Even though women have traditionally been the ones to seek hair removal treatments like laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), men are also increasingly interested in these options. According to research, the use of lasers for hair removal has increased by 51% in just the past five years. More men are participating in treatment programs, and men aged 18 to 45 are particularly interested in treatments that remove hair from the neck and back.

Intense pulsed light for men

Body hair can be removed with Intense Pulsed Light, a light therapy that utilizes a broad spectrum of wavelengths. This light comes in a variety of wavelengths that can be used to penetrate the skin. The hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface will soak it up as soon as the light pulses are released. As it transforms into heat, it will kill off hair follicles. The use of IPL is a standard beauty service in salons and spas. When performed correctly, IPL can eliminate as much as 70 percent of the hair in the treated area. Depending on your skin and pain threshold, it may be uncomfortable to have an IPL treatment done. It might range from a pleasant, warm tingling to a painful, scorching one.

Man getting IPL body hair removal procedure at waist

Everything you need to know before IPL

Here are five more things to keep in mind if you’re a man considering laser removal:

Several sessions of IPL are needed

Unfortunately, at least for now, IPL isn’t a once-and-done deal. Additionally, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to remove all of your body hair in a single sitting. The average man has to receive between three and six treatments, spaced out over months.

You won’t need to shave or tan before the IPL appointment

Don’t shave before your appointment because your doctor will need to see the hair’s base. Additionally, stay out of the sun for the two days before your treatment to prevent sunburn and laser sensitivity.

Man getting IPL body hair removal procedure in feet

Avoid the sun, chemicals, and tight clothing after an IPL session

This is when you should allow your skin to rest and repair without interfering with heat, sweat, or heavily scented or chemically active skincare products. In a similar vein, A well-ventilated room, lukewarm or cool showers, and the use of mild cleansers can all do wonders for your skin.

Skin tone makes a big difference in IPL result

Although it may come as a surprise, the ease with which doctors can safely deliver lasers depends on factors such as skin and hair color. The most natural combination is black hair on a fair complexion, whereas both light hair and dark skin present unique challenges.

Some hair will grow back after IPL treatment

Some hair may return, or new hairs may sprout where there were none before, even after you’ve completed your treatments and achieved your dream of a hairless body.

IPL hair removal for men in Vancouver

Finally, as fashions change rapidly, more and more guys emphasize grooming their bodies. Sixty percent of guys also said they’ve been in awkward social situations because their body hair was showing through their expensive designer duds.

In this sense, modern medicine has been influenced by therapies like IPL body hair reduction. Count on Celebrity Laser Care IPL treatment for men in Vancouver if you also want to rid yourself of unsightly body hair before showing off your stunning physique.