How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Post-Christmas

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Christmas is something we all adore, but it’s not exactly friendly to our skin. And after Christmas, we could all use a skin detox by the time January rolls around. With all the holiday parties, indulgence, and frequent a change in surroundings, it’s normal for the skin to experience some stress during this time. Fortunately, we can save your complexion with some great suggestions and professional advice.

Why do we need post-Christmas skin rejuvenation?

Christmas breakouts are brought on by several factors, including:

  • consumption of sugary foods and drinks has increased
  • consumption of dairy products over average (cheese, cream, etc.)
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • consuming more fast foods
  • A reduction in sleep
  • Increasingly stressed

All of the aforementioned factors raise your body’s inflammatory level, which raises your stress hormone levels. Increased inflammation in the skin results in the production of inflammatory hormones named chemokines and cytokines.

Cosmetologist does procedure of microcurrent therapy on woman's skin in Santa

Start your routine diet right after Christmas

We are all aware that developing new routines and habits can take some time, but oddly enough, we seem to be able to break them quickly. The most crucial thing you can do is decide to immediately return to your regular schedule. Don’t wait any longer to do it. Decide to resume your regular morning and evening skincare routine now, and you will feel better right away the first time you do it.

Staying hydrated internally helps your skin to recover

Your skin might become severely dried out if you are exposed to the sun for a long time. Although there are some products and treatments that can revive dry skin. However, food is the most important factor. For our bodies to be well hydrated and to have healthy, glowing skin, we must consume 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Cosmetic procedures are a game changer

An excellent injectable procedure is facial fillers such as dermal fillers which use hyaluronic acid to treat the face. It doesn’t affect the muscles; instead, it acts more like a sponge, soaking up water under the skin to fill in hollowed-out areas where you’ve aged, giving your skin a more equal contour. You can fill in deep lines that have an aging impression, get rid of tear troughs under your eyes, and add volume to sallow cheeks.

Doctor using face mask on the beautiful woman's skin

Skincare professional treatments for post-Christmas

Professional treatments can hasten the recovery of your skin if you feel that your detoxification process could use some more charm. Professional treatments may do wonders for your skin to promote cellular turnover and repair, whether it’s a therapeutic therapy like Botox or a more delicate treatment like microneedling.



Post-Christmas skincare in Vancouver

We’d like to extend an invitation to you for a consultation with one of our skilled practitioners at celebrity laser care located in Vancouver, so you can determine which treatment will work best for your skin. Getting a head start on your post-Christmas routine could be just what you need to fight the blues of the new year. An excellent method to make yourself feel better is to improve your appearance.