Increase in Beauty Procedures During COVID-19

increasing in beauty treatments during COVID-19

Oh hello, 2020.

Before lockdown (and before ‘lockdown’ was a phrase we said casually) nobody was looking at their own face while talking with co-workers, family, or friends.

You would have been considered pretty strange if you kept checking yourself out in a mirror during a weekly meeting, right? But with the new normal being Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime connections, that is exactly what is happening. As soon as you experienced your first professional Zoom meeting, you probably stumbled onto Zoom’s “Touch Up My Appearance” option. Like most social media applications, Zoom has a filter you can apply to the video conferencing. The result is softer skin and smoothed out problem areas. It’s a pretty superficial thing to be focusing on during an important conversation, but hey, you just can’t look away.

There has been some research into how this new online face-to-face method of connection is affecting us. Experts have found that alongside the distraction of seeing your own face moving and talking in response to the group conversation, it can be triggering for people with self-esteem issues. It has become impossible to forget any niggling insecurities and throw yourself into the subject matter because your newest wrinkle, pimple, shadow of a moustache or sunspot is right there in front of you.

With countries slowly opening up after months of COVID-19 lockdown, people are able to get the beauty treatments they’ve been hoping for. Provided you can get in for an appointment. Many cosmetic laser and surgery clinics around the world are seeing an increase in requests for treatment during the coronavirus outbreak. The reason? Because they can hide their treatment behind a mask or work from home.

Before quarantine, having to go out in public for work after a procedure meant going outside with a swollen and bruised face. Even if you aren’t particularly private regarding the procedures you undergo, it is still uncomfortable to be out and about when things are healing. Deciding to get procedures done during quarantine has allowed individuals to heal at their own pace.

Most popular face treatments after COVID-19 quarantine

The most popular post-lockdown, not overly invasive procedures are (as expected) from the neck up. One study revealed that the most-requested treatments (65%) were Botulinum Toxin Type A fillers such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, and 37% were soft tissue fillers.

Popular beauty procedures after quarantine

Popular beauty procedures after quarantine

In addition to upper eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and non-surgical neck lifts, lip injections have remained as popular as ever, despite many places in the world mandating that face masks be worn in public.

In the cases of more invasive cosmetic or dermatological treatments, factoring in recovery time at home when considering surgery was important. COVID-19 has meant that a large population of people are working from home, and for these people taking time off work doesn’t need to be one of the considerations.

People have more than enough time to recover at home. And bonus, in the event that their recovery takes longer than the time they’re spending working from home, they have the option to wear a mask when they go outside post-rhinoplasty or facelift.

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