IPL vs. LED: Which one is more effective for treating skin issues?

Young woman having face-lifting procedure with IPL

There are a lot of different ways to treat other skin problems. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and LED (Light light-emitting diode) have become very common among the many available methods in recent years. IPL and LED treatments use light to treat specific skin problems, but which works better?

Science behind IPL and LED: how they work on the skin

Light-based treatments like IPL and LED can help with several skin problems. IPL uses a wide range of light wavelengths, usually between 500 and 1200 nanometers, to target and damage chromophores in the skin. This reduces uneven coloring and vascular sores. LED uses specific colors, usually in the red or blue range, to speed up cell activity and encourage collagen production. This lowers inflammation and makes the skin healthier. Both methods don’t hurt you and are usually considered safe when done by trained experts.

Pros and Cons of IPL VS LED treatment

Knowing the cons and pros of each treatment can help you choose the one that will work best for you.

Pros of IPL treatment

  • Flexibility: It works on many skin problems, like uneven coloring, arterial sores, and unwanted hair.
  • Efficient: It treats more significant areas in less time because it covers more ground.
  • Long-term effects: increases collagen production, which improves skin structure, lessen fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out skin tone.
  • Customizability: It can be changed to focus on specific issues.

Professional cosmetologist is making cavitation with IPL

Cons of IPL treatment

  • Pain: This may cause mild discomfort or a stinging feeling.
  • Recovery and Downtime: You may need some downtime, but it should go away in a few hours to a few days.
  • Sensitivity to the skin: Not suitable for all skin types, significantly darker skin tones, or people who tend to get acne.

Pros of LED treatment

  • Non-invasive: One of the best things about LED treatment is that it is non-invasive and painless. It is gentle on the skin and requires no numbing creams or drugs.
  • No break: There is no break or healing time.
  • Safety: Most skin types, even sensitive skin, can use it without problems.

Cons of LED treatment

  • Limited Range of Concerns: This more targeted method works well for issues like anti-aging, acne, and inflammation.
  • Gradual effects: You’ll need more than one lesson to see the impact.
  • More Sessions Needed: You may need to schedule regular repair sessions for the best results.

Cost comparison: IPL vs. LED treatments

Prices for IPL and LED treatments in Vancouver, Canada, depend on where you live, the center you go to, and the size of the treatment area. For smaller areas, IPL treatments usually cost around CAD $150 per session. For more extensive areas, they cost $500 or more. LED solutions are generally less expensive but may need to be maintained regularly to keep working.

IPL treatment on face and neck

IPL treatment in Vancouver

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