Laser Hair Removal

Is This Your Year for Laser Hair Treatments?

Year of laser hair removal

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just wish away all that hair? Know that you could wear whatever you want or play footsie under the table without worrying about stubble? The summer will be here soon enough, so it’s time to decide how to deal with that stubble that keeps coming back. Is this the year you will finally get laser hair treatments? It’s time-consuming to shave constantly, and waxing is downright painful without any real, long-lasting results. Laser hair treatments do give you more permanent results. But there are things to consider, so let’s look at the things to think about.

Start in the off-season with laser hair treatments

You will probably need more than one laser hair treatment to feel confident about your smooth look. Some people need more and some less, but the typical program is 5 or 6 appointments. Your hair grows back finer and gets easier to remove after each appointment, but it takes time.

Each laser hair removal appointment is about an hour. Depending on the size of the area, it could be less. Underarms and bikini lines take less time, but arms and legs take longer. After your first appointment, you’ll have a better idea of how long each one should take.

You probably want to be ready with smooth, show-off-able skin in the nice weather, anyway. So, starting in the off season is an excellent plan. You’ll need to avoid direct sunlight after the treatments, so it’s better to start before the sun really shines. Get started as soon as possible to get ready for the summer months ahead!

Off-season laser hair removal

Off-season laser hair removal

Hair should grow out before your laser appointment

It’s hard to wait, but you have to let the hair grow back after you wax. The laser hair treatments target the pigment in the hair follicles, so it doesn’t work when there no hair follicles. Waxing right before a laser hair treatment means rescheduling your appointment.

But you don’t need to let your hair just grow out completely before your laser appointment. Shave as many times as you want, even the day before. So, that way, the hair is short enough to stay out of the way, but the laser can find your follicles to zap.

Laser hair treatments, not entirely pain-free

Laser hair treatments are not entirely pain-free. Most people consider them uncomfortable, but some describe the feeling as “mild pain.” It feels a lot like being snapped with a rubber band. Not pleasant. It’s over quickly. And afterwards, you have the luxurious results of laser hair treatments to feel smooth and confident!