EMSculpt vs. EMSculpt Neo, What is the difference?

A woman is under EMSculpt Neo

This non-surgical body shaping therapy known as EMSculpt has become famous over the past few years. However, you may have heard of a new product in the market that is extremely similar. Actually, there is something with an almost identical name, and it is EMSculpt NEO. Using HIFEM (high-intensity electromagnetic energy) and radio-frequency, EMSculpt NEO is the first and only non-invasive method of fat removal and non-invasive muscle growth. Body shaping, muscle building, and fat reduction may all be accomplished in the same treatment, with an average muscle gain of 25% and a fat loss of 30% in the treated areas with no downtime. Let’s explain each method first and see which one is the proper treatment for you.

What exactly is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is one of the body-shaping treatments that burns fat and helps grow and strengthen muscles. In the EMSculpt method, a series of powerful muscular contractions deliver HIFEM. These muscle contractions are called maximum contractions, which are more profound than the muscle contractions that you can accomplish on your own. It’s like doing lots of squats or crunches in one session with these movements. As a result of these contractions, the muscle rebuilds itself, resulting in a rapid loss of fat in the targeted area. It is possible to repair your muscles’ internal structure with these contractions.

A girl with a beautiful body in jeans

What is EMSculpt NEO?

Compared to EMSculpt, EMSculpt NEO is more favorable because it has an even greater fat-burning capability. Similar to conventional EMSculpt, EMSculpt NEO uses HIFEM technology to help with fat loss and muscle growth in the body in sessions 30 minutes long. Additionally, the NEO uses radio frequency (RF) energy to warm the body as if it were doing pre-workout warmups. In order to prepare the muscles for the stress of electromagnetic stimulation, this additional heat raises the temperature of the muscles. Subcutaneous fat is also heated to the point that apoptosis occurs, where fat cells are irreversibly destroyed and gradually eliminated from the body. With a 25 percent boost in power, EMSculpt NEO provides patients with even better outcomes than EMSculpt.

fit body after EMSculpt Neo treatment

Is Emsculpt Neo right for me?

If you are looking for a body contouring method and meet the following conditions, you could try Emsculpt NEO :

  • You’d like to see more defined muscles in the areas you’d like to work on.
  • You have fats that would not budge despite your best efforts at a healthy diet.
  • You want to enhance the comfort and fit of your clothing in specific regions of your body.
  • You want to target a particular area of your body for improvement.
  • Strengthening the targeted muscle groups is a top priority for you.
  • Muscle health and wellness are essential to you.
  • Build and maintain your specific muscles without the need to work out other parts of your body.
  • You already attend the gym, but you want to get better results faster.

You may achieve fat reduction, muscle toning, and skin tightening in one session with EMSculpt NEO, a new technological advancement in body shaping. Suppose you have decided to employ this method. In that case, we are happy to inform you that we can deliver the best body contouring services in Vancouver, including EMSculpt NEO and many other methods.