Emsculpt NEO vs. Coolsculpting, which treatment is better?

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Many people turn to body contouring, also known as body contouring, as a viable alternative when more traditional means of getting fit to fail. Frustration sets in when all of your hard work goes toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not seeing any progress toward the body you’ve always wanted. Depending on your body type and look, hours in the gym and tight diets do not provide the slender and lovely image that we frequently connect with freshness and youth.

However, non-surgical body contouring procedures Emsculpt NEO and Coolsculpting can help you lose weight and modify your body. As a result, these treatments can help patients attain an organ that may not be possible with a regular diet and activity alone. However, despite their similarities, these two therapies have essential variances that can have an impact on the fit of your body and your specific needs.

Emsculpt NEO vs. Coolsculpting safety

Comparing the safety of Emsculpt NEO(or even Emsculpt) and Coolsculpting will result in a tie. The Food and Drug Administration has given its blessing to both of these methods of treatment. The FDA believes both therapies to be safe and effective if performed by a skilled doctor. However, In contrast to Coolsculpting, the EmSculpt technology has been around for more than two years and has been shown safe and effective in seven clinical trials before being given to the public.

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Emsculpt NEO vs. Coolsculpting results

Coolsculpting depends on your body’s natural mechanisms to metabolize and remove damaged fat cells. When fat cells are damaged, they are permanently lost. The full effects take several weeks to appear; however, most patients see improvement within just a few weeks. The outcomes are unpredictable as long as you live a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Keep in mind that your remaining fat cells can expand and contract depending on your overall weight. It’s important to note that Coolsculpting is not a weight-loss procedure. You will achieve better results if you first achieve the weight you desire. Emsculpt NEO’s results will not be fully appreciated if you have even a moderate amount of fat on your muscles. In fact, many doctors advise utilizing Coolsculpting first and then Emsculpt NEO as a follow-up treatment to achieve better outcomes.

Emsculpt NEO is supposed to provide a considerable improvement in muscle tone four weeks after the final treatment, comparable to what you may expect after several months of exercise. Many patients report that after a few days of treatment, the area feels tighter. However, while Emsculpt NEO may appear to mimic the benefits of exercise and perhaps help you ‘lose weight,’ the thickening and strengthening of the muscles it creates may cause your garments to become significantly tighter.

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It’s important to keep in mind that Emsculpt NEO and Coolsculpting are superior in different ways when comparing the two procedures. Coolsculpting can target bumps ranging from the double chin to the fat pockets above the knee with precise temperature control. The abdomen and buttocks are the only body parts that can be treated with Emsculpt NEO. On the other hand, EmsculptNEO makes up for its lack of adaptability with ground-breaking technology. Compared to Emsculpt NEO, Coolsculpting does not have the ability to strengthen, tighten, and build muscle to sculpt the body.