How Can You Be Spider Vein-Free?

How to get rid of spider veins

So, Somewhere along the line you’ve developed prominent veins. Before discussing your options, it’s important to address why you’re reading this. If you’re in pain or feeling fatigue as a result of your veins, something probably needs to give. If you’re living with veins you feel are ‘unsightly’ or unattractive, you’ve probably started looking into strategies to get rid of them and wound up here. For the purposes of this article we’ll focus on cosmetic concerns, although it is applicable to painful vein problems as well.

Advice on the cosmetic vein dilemma can vary depending on who you ask. On the far left, you might have been told to love yourself. Stop looking for external fulfillment or gratification—you’re perfect as you are. And while the self-love, body empowerment movement is a beautiful thing, it doesn’t always cut it when we’re feeling insecure about our bodies. Our physical being is how we show up in this world. And whether or not you think how we look matters, how we FEEL absolutely does. And if the source of our insecurities can be fixed, why not explore that?

The Cutera CoolGlide Laser is the present and future of vein removal. The laser works with a broad range of vessels—from tiny spider veins to deep reticular veins—efficiently and effectively.

How Cutera CoolGlide Laser Works?

The Cutera Laser uses an ideal laser wavelength to deliver a superior vascular laser system, specifically suited to your unique body. You don’t need to overthink your skin tone or genetic makeup. Dark or light, olive or pink hues, everyone will benefit from this vein therapy. The Cutera Laser works with the pulsation of light energy. The blood within the vein coagulates as a result and the vessel is actually absorbs back into your body.

Laser is a far less painful option than vein stripping or ligation. In most cases only a light sedative or local anesthesia is required for laser treatment.

Ways to Get Rid of Spider Veins

One thing to remember is that your body is predisposed to vein occurrence. There are steps you can take in your day-to-day life that help with this. Of course, natural remedies are advised before medical treatment. Yoga, exercise, elevated legs, diet and clothing choices all play a part in this. But regardless of lifestyle choices, over time it is possible that new veins still might appear. And yes, these too can be removed with the Cutera Laser. It might become a game of vein cat and mouse but if you have the desire (and financial means) to be vein-free, vein removal will continue to be a viable option.

Any surgical procedure runs a risk of side effects, most of which are temporary. Mild scarring can be expected, although it is typically less noticeable than the veins pre-surgery. If you are consistently struggling with your confidence as a result of your veins, why not book a consult in Celebrity Laser Care and see if going forward with laser vein removal is a good option for you.