Niacinamide & Metacell Renewal B

Metacell Renewal B3 is our new power product. This wonder moisturizer delivers a high concentration of 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3) combined with a firming tripeptide concentrate, and 15% pure glycerine.

SkinCeuticals Metacell B3 combines a blend of peptides to improve the skin’s firmness and decrease fine lines with niacinamide to improves skin’s tone and decrease hyperpigmentation. —Dr. Nussbaum

What Does Niacinamide Do, Exactly?

Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide (NAM), is a form of vitamin B3. It is found in food and used as a dietary supplement and medication. Many multivitamins contain 20–30 mg of vitamin B3 and it is also available in higher doses. Promising results like these have made niacinamide a very popular option for dermatological products.

Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory, making it an excellent choice for skin conditions marked by inflammation, like acne. Studies reveal that topical niacinamide can increase the production of ceramides, the lipids working to keep the skin’s protective barrier strong. This could explain its topical effects on wrinkles, sunspots and fine lines. Further, niacinamide at doses of 500 to 1000 mg a day decreases the risk of skin cancers (excluding melanoma) in those at high risk. Touted as an effective photoaging combatant, niacinamide aids in key biochemical processes.

What is Photoaging?

Photoaging differs from chronologic (or normal) aging. Photoaging is premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV). This radiation is mostly from sun but can also result from artificial UV sources. Our natural aging process is dependent on time and genetics. Photoaging is responsible for over 90 percent of aging of our skin.

Genetics, lifestyle, geography, sun protection routines, and skincare regimens all impact the pace and severity of our individual photoaging. Daily application of nicotinamide visibly improves these early signs of photoaging by increasing cell turnover to resurface skin, help reclarify and even skin tone, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and surface elasticity.

Potential Side Effects of Topical Niacinamide

Niacinamide has been under the dermatological microscope for nearly half a century. However, it is usually studied in combination with other topical medications, rather than as a solo ingredient. This makes it hard to draw specific conclusions. More common options include retinoids or antioxidants, as the body of research about their effects is greater.

Niacinamide makes waves in the areas of cellular repair, propagation, and all-around skin functioning. However, the application of niacinamide has in some cases counteracted the moisturizing and protective benefits. If the skin’s barrier becomes compromised, the results are not as effective.

Metacell Renewal B3 as a Solution

SkinCeuticals research labs have created a new method of resolving this limitation. Metacell Renewal B3 excludes ingredients that are known to interfere with our skin’s naturally barrier. Doing so allows niacinamide to be the most effective on skin.

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 with Niacinamide

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 with Niacinamide

A 12-week clinical study, Metacell Renewal B3 showed significant improvement in signs of photoaging. Metacell Renewal B3 showed:

  • 15% improvement in the appearance of radiance and luminosity
  • 20.9% improvement in the appearance of fine lines
  • 10.9% improvement in the appearance of firmness

Dr. Kim Nichols calls Metacell Renewal B3 a light and hydrating moisturizer, “improv[ing] skins laxity and help[ing] prolong the results of a Chemical Peel and Laser treatment”.

Make this product a go-to for your smooth-tastic skin journey!