GloSkin Beauty Lipstick

Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick

GloSkin Beauty Lipstick is a creamy, long-lasting lipstick created from a natural blend of antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract, as well as Titanium Dioxide. This nourishing blend provides moisture for the lips while providing a natural UV shield. Available in a multitude of shades form matte to high shine, this range is impressive and affordable, with colors to suit your morning, midday, or evening look.

GloSkin lipsticks with magnetic closing cap

Sometimes good ideas come along that make great things even better. The magnetic closing case for the GloSkin lipsticks is a perfect example. How fun is it when you open up your handbag and realize your lipstick applied itself to all the contents inside? Not very. The subtle but audible click tells you that the lipstick’s cap is closed correctly, therefore preventing accidental opening. One less thing to worry about.

GloSkin long lipstick wearability

Let’s call it like it is; constantly reapplying lipstick stinks. Whether you’re planning for a few sneaky smooches as the evening winds down (or you have a date with a spicy four-bean burrito) keeping your lips supple and evenly colored is everything. GloSkin Beauty Lipstick is just what the doctor ordered. These shiny or matte shades are infused with Kaolin clay to help keep your color locked in place for long-lasting wear.

Kaolin Clay as a GloSkin lipstick ingredient

Kaolin clay is a natural mineral found in many areas of the world. Known for its powerful absorbency, Kaolin clay is very gentle and will draw impurities from the skin without removing the natural oils. In skincare and cosmetic formulations, Kaolin clay helps draw out excess oil or sebum from the skin and gently exfoliates. A more in-depth discussion of Kaolin clay in cosmetics is available in this dermatological review.

Glo Skin Lipstick

Glo Skin Lipstick

This pure, white clay offers adhesion to your cosmetic products. It can be found in foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows as a binding base powder. This contributes to its long-lasting benefits in products such as the GloSkin lipstick line.

GloSkin lipstick color option

They offer every shade you could desire, from nude and neutral ‘dune’ to bold and sassy ‘fixation’. But sometimes too many colour choices can be overwhelming—we get it. Read on for a basic color guideline for your skin tone.

Which lipstick tone is right for you?

Fair skin: Nudes and corals give fair skinned beauties a polished and classy look. Consider choosing a full, juicy red if you’re going for the wow factor. Do your best to avoid burgundy because it has a tendency to wash out those with lighter skin tones.

Pink undertones: General rule of thumb with pinkish undertones is to stay with a neutral palette. Pinks, corals, and orangey red all look very high fashion. Avoid blue-based reds as they will not compliment your vibrancy.

Olive-toned skin: You’re in luck; almost everything suits an olive skin tone! Coral and a fiery red will spice up your palette but steer clear of browns and purplish reds.

Yellow undertones: Throw it back to the primary color wheel and seek out reds with a blue base tone. Nudes and bronze colors are also great choices that don’t run the risk of washing you out.

Dark skin: Ensure all eyes are on you with a healthy palate of reds and corals. These bright, beautiful options compliment and contrast your darker skin tone. Bellissima!