What Is BODYFX Treatment?

You hit the gym; you limit your sugar intake; you moderate your hipster weekend craft beer exploration. So why does stubborn body fat hang around despite your best efforts to diminish it?

If you’ve done all that you can through lifestyle and diet choices, it may be time to let your muscles and effort-based mindset rest. There is a new name in the body contouring conversation—the BodyFX. Body contouring has become one of the fastest growing spheres of aesthetic medicine.

This new technology is a Radiofrequency (RF) based non-surgical solution to your extra skin and cellulite woes. Almost every woman (and some men) will deal with cellulite during their lifetime. Some refer to their cellulite as being reminiscent of an orange peel. It shouldn’t be something we hide or consider shameful (as even the fittest and most diet-conscious individuals can find themselves ‘dimpled’). Nonetheless, the road to cellulite-free living is highly sought after. Read on to see if the BodyFX treatment might be suited to you.

Because cellulite and fat deposits are a natural phenomenon for the human body, improving the look of these areas can take more serious intervention than a commitment to the squat rack and vegetable aisle. As such, we turn our eyes towards the idea of reshaping ourselves with some clinically proven strategies. The BodyFX procedure is a vacuum and energy pulsation system that effects the skin and underlying fat. For those who shy away from invasive surgical methods of reshaping, this might be the ticket.

The combination of deep tissue heating, radio-frequency energy and targeted suction addresses stubborn fat. The radio-frequency is pulsing as quickly as 1 million cycles per second—that’s no small feat. The resulting negative pressure attaches the skin to electrodes. In doing so, the dermis and subdermal layers are heated equally and efficiently. It is this intentional heating of fat cells that ultimately leads to their destruction—yay!

BodyFX treatment procedure

Let’s talk about how the procedure actually goes down. What makes the BodyFX treatment unique is that the procedure is melting the fat and tightening the skin at the same time. Three hurrahs for innovation! Once you’re ready to begin, the BodyFX hand piece is placed over the area that is undergoing the treatment. The area being treated is gently vacuumed into the hand piece to ensure the tissue is receiving a balanced amount of heat. This goes on for several seconds as the tissue reaches 40-44° centigrade. In order to maximize the comfort of the experience, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored and providing feedback regarding the skin’s temperature. This thermal monitoring is specific and crucial to spot on temperature control.

Which parts of body can be treated by BodyFX?

It is important to note this procedure is not intended for large quantities of fat removal. The primary areas BodyFX focuses on include:

  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdominal area
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Arms
Which body parts can be treated by BodyFX?

Body parts which can be treated by BodyFX

More about BodyFX treatment

Ready for more great news? The BodyFX treatment is gentle and without downtime. It can even be a lunchtime procedure! Why not get slimmer and sexier during your break from the office? Radiofrequency becomes thermal energy that is able to penetrate deep into the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue or the outer layers. You can expect sensations of warmth and minimal redness in the surrounding area (think of a deep tissue massage) but no pain. The rule of thumb is that you don’t need to shy away from anything you would normally do. The ideal candidate for BodyFX treatment is in relatively good health with a stable weight (and frustrated with body fat or nagging cellulite!)

Patients with implanted metal or electrical devices should consult their doctor before committing to the BodyFX treatment as the radiofrequency energy can interfere with the success of the procedure. Depending on the area treated aSnd amount of fatty tissue, 6-8 treatments are recommended.