What To Expect After Micro-Blading Your Eyebrows

Microblading eyebrows work flow in a beauty salon

Following the after care instructions delicately could significantly improve the quality and durability of your microblading results. So, follow these directions, and ask your technician how to take care of your new, beautiful eyebrows. Microblading uses a blade to manually create hair-like strokes in the eye brow and penetrate pigment in the outermost layer of the skin.

First Few Days after Microblading Eyebrows

For the first couple of days, the eyebrows will look darker than the healed result but not to worry, they will start lightening up at least a shade as you go through the healing process. You might also experience minor redness or swelling right after the procedure, both of which will subside a few hours after the procedure. This can be added to what we have mentioned above already. The darkened part at the beginning of the paragraph.

From day 3 onwards, you might experience minor scabbing and you are strongly encouraged not to pick on the scabs. Peeling and picking on the scabs could cause pigment patchiness. As the pigment works its way into the skin, don’t touch and just let them fall off naturally. The process of scabs falling off continues for up to a week and a half, and your brows could seem a little patchy during that time. You may find they itch while they heal, but DON’T touch! Don’t forget to avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first 48 hours as instructed.

After a Couple of Weeks of microblading

By 10 days or so, your brows will be much lighter, even lighter than they will be in the end. The scabs have mostly fallen off, and healing is almost complete.

Within a couple of weeks from the initial microblading procedure, your eyebrows will start settling and looking better, with the desired pigment starting to show off. “The shape doesn’t change, shouldn’t change”. You may see some faded areas and unevenness, which we will get fixed during your touch up session.

Three To Four Weeks After MicroBlading Your Eyebrows

Your brows look marvelous! Book your touch-up appointment so your technician can correct any minor flaws. This is the time to fix the color for the next year to a year and a half, too!

The Healing Process after Microblading

Although this timeline is pretty typical for anyone having a micro-blading procedure, there are differences in how people heal. Some aspects that impact healing include:

  • Age – Some people find that as they get older, their skin heals more slowly. For most, this is not a significant factor.
  • Skin types – Some skin types heal faster, allowing the pigment to set in sooner
  • Diet – Healthier diets support healing, so eat well while your brows heal
  • Smoking – Cigarettes slow down healing processes, so smokers may find their brows take longer to heal than outlined
  • Physical activity – Sweating may affect healing rates if your brows get wet. Avoid overly strenuous exercise while your brows heal
  • UV light exposure – Avoid tanning and prolonged sun exposure while your brows heal. Sunlight fades micro-bladed brows, so use protective sunscreen even after they heal.

The total healing time is a month to 6 weeks, so you’ll need to be careful to take good care of your new eyebrows for that time. Book your appointment now!