Laser Hair Removal

What’s the Best Hair Removal Method?

What is best hair removal method?

Deciding what to do about your body hair is a deeply personal issue. Some people love their hair and leave it just as it is. Others seem to be in a constant battle to remove hair, at least from some body parts. There are lots of ways to get rid of that hair, at least temporarily. And with new technology, you can win the battle once and for all. Let’s look at some hair removal methods to see what’s the best method for you.

Tweezing, a way of hair removal

If you only have a few hairs that occasionally get in the way, tweezing works just fine. Tweezing removes the hairs one at a time. And when done correctly, it removes the hair from the follicle. Ideal for an occasional hair in your eyebrows or on your chin or nipple tweezing is tedious for much more. Okay for small, delicate areas like a bikini line touch-up. But plucking hairs with tweezers can cause ingrown hairs, irritation, or hyperpigmentation. Tweezing lasts about 3 to 6 weeks (like waxing), and most people find it rather painful.

Waxing, a hair removal method

Waxing has a painful reputation with good cause. You start waxing with an application of hot wax before ripping strips off, eliminating hair from the root. Hair is left to grow a while before a waxing appointment because it must be ¼ of an inch long for the wax to get a grip. A high maintenance process because waxing takes place every 3 to 6 weeks. And you have to walk around with ¼ inch long hair before your next appointment every time. Waxing can cause irritation, bruising, redness, bleeding, breakouts, and is rather famous for ingrown hairs (and pain.)

Waxing, a way of hair removal

Waxing, a way of hair removal

Depilatory Cream, another way of hair removal

Dissolving your hair with a depilatory cream is much less painful than waxing. A thick layer of the cream spread over the area is left on your skin and then wiped off. The strong, harsh chemicals frequently lead to irritation, chemical burns, and allergic reactions. Results vary, especially on coarser hair. These harsh creams are especially risky in private areas! The worst of it is that you may have to use the cream again tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

Shaving, a hair removal method

Shaving cuts hair off at the skin level with a razor, so hair grows back quickly. Most people have to shave every second or third day. With a good shaving oil or cream and new, sharp blades, the chances of razor burn, irritation, cuts, redness, bleeding, or ingrown hairs decrease.

Laser Hair Removal, a permanent solution

If you want to win the body hair battle permanently, laser hair removal is the natural choice. Fast and reliable laser hair removal reduces hair growth from the root. Lasers designed for the most sensitive skin are safe enough to use on any body part while ensuring superb results.

The laser hair removal machine directs concentrated light into your hair follicles. This makes it difficult for the hair to grow. The hair pigment attracts the laser, so it is exceptionally accurate and comfortable. Some people feel a mild heat and have some redness after treatments.

The best part? Lasers offer permanent hair reduction. With each treatment, the hair grows back lighter and thinner. 8 to 10 treatments are typical for the best results, then 1 or 2 annual maintenance sessions keep your skin silky smooth. Plus, laser hair removal ends up as the most cost-effective method of hair removal in the long run! We recommend you to read about some hair removal myths.