Workout Skincare Routines, What’s Best?

Best workout skincare routines

Do you complete your skincare routine before a workout or afterward? Ask that question at the gym, and you could end up with some heated debate. One side is adamant about the full cleanse-tone-moisturize routine before a workout. The other side staunchly refuses and does their skincare routine afterward.

Sweating seems to confuse the issue. Some products absorb into your skin well enough that you don’t sweat them out on the treadmill. But do you need to start from the beginning to cleanse after an hour of soaking in perspiration? Do you suffer from “Gym Face” – that total hot-mess of redness and sweat?

Skincare products work better when applied to freshly cleansed skin, and you leave them on for the maximum amount of time. After a workout, you have a greater blood supply to your skin, so your products work a little more effectively. So, do your skincare routine post-sweat as your complexion is ready to absorb. Products sweat off and don’t stay on the skin during a workout, so afterwards is better.

But when you work out during the day, your regimen washes off during the workout and needs another application at bedtime. Before bed is the best time because the skin is clean, and your body is recovering and oxygenating as you sleep.

So, for a simple skincare routine before workouts and before bedtime, follow these steps.

Cleanse your skin before working out

When you work out at home or the gym, start with a freshly cleansed face with no make-up. Allow your skin to breathe. Prevent breeding grounds for bacteria to reduce the chances of breaking out.

Moisturize your skin before working out

After cleansing, apply your moisturizer to nourish your skin for the time during your workout. If you don’t apply serums or moisturizer products after you cleanse, it encourages oil overproduction, which leaves your skin itchy, dry, and dehydrated.

Some dermatologists say that just cleansing is sufficient before a workout. But if you have any skin troubles, keeping the moisturizer in the routine reduces the risk of further issues.

Applying moisturizer in working out skincare routine

Applying moisturizer in working out skincare routine

Don’t touch your face while working out

Start working out! During exercise, your body makes and excretes sweat, oil, and toxins. The longer you leave it there, the more likely it sinks into your pores, causing a buildup of bacteria. So, while working out, don’t touch your face!

Cool Down your skin after working out

It’s not just muscles that need a cool down after a workout. Cool down your skin with a lukewarm, cool, or even cold shower. Your red face is a sign your body is trying to get rid of excess heat. A hot shower contributes to premature ageing and adds to dehydration. Help your skin out with a cool shower.

Cleanse and Moisturize Again after working out

After you cool off, start over and cleanse as usual. Don’t use anything harsh on your face as you might see an exaggerated reaction from exfoliation, for example. Instead, leave specialized skin treatments for a time when your skin is calmer. Apply your moisturizers and serums to keep your skin soft, smooth, and nurtured for the rest of the day. Repeat again at bedtime.

All in all, it’s a must to cleanse before and after working out. Moisturizer is a must afterwards, but your choice for before. Don’t touch your face during your workout! Clean and protect your skin before, during, and after workouts.