North Vancouver Laser Clinic: Your Ultimate Skin Care Destination

If you think that a flawless skin is just too much to ask for and almost given up all hope of looking young, let me assure you it’s just not the end of the world. At North Vancouver laser clinic, you can choose from a variety of options and assure yourself of a youthful, glowing skin, which no other laser clinic can offer.


Laser hair removal – If you are fed up with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the way to go. The most popular cosmetic procedures, it uses highly concentrated light into hair follicles that absorb the light and destroys the hair. Laser Hair Removal is useful because it removes unwanted hair from the face, leg, arm, underarm and other areas, without any side-effects. At North and West Vancouver laser clinic, we have pioneered in the field of laser hair removal and give you the best of treatment to rejuvenate your skin.


Skin tightening Laser skin tightening effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. It uses an infrared light source or a laser to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface. This causes the skin to tighten and is an extremely safe and effective procedure. Laser skin tightening is an FDA approved method for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging and gives your skin a firm, youthful appearance.


Acne Treatment – After an endless trial of lotions and potions, if you still haven’t found a way to keep your acne at bay, look no further. The most uncomfortable and painful skin condition, which no one wants to deal with, North Vancouver clinic can come to your timely rescue. We can help you create a skin care plan for acne treatment that can help prevent breakouts. We understand that Acne is not always caused by dirt. At North Vancouver clinic, offers personalized care and acne treatment based on the condition, symptoms, and history of the person.


Botox and filler – If you are looking to get that perfect Instagram-ready look and shoo away your wrinkles in a safe and responsible way, North Vancouver laser clinic is there to boost your spirit. We offer you the highest services in beauty care through injectables such as Botox and fillers to ensure you look get smooth fine lines on the forehead, tightened skin along the neck and jawline and in other words, get the utmost satisfaction in personal grooming. Our professionals are highly specialized in Botox and fillers to help you in getting back on shape – a dream look you were looking for. Believe it or not, the best treatments not only give you a digitally enhanced look of yourself, but also they don’t cost the earth.


The search for your flawless skin is only a click away! By availing our Laser hair removal, skin tightening, acne treatment and Botox and filler services, we are confident you will fall in love with your skin all over again and become a glow-getter!

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